GEODATA, a subsidiary of Mitrelli Group , is a GIS & mapping pioneer, that promote management and planning solutions, based on a detailed and accurate mapping and GIS infrastructure

GEODATA solutions contribute in creating a positive impact on the population’s quality of life, boosting the economy, reducing customer costs and increasing their revenues

With vast experience in management systems for governments and other official entities, based on GIS & mapping technologies,

GEODATA provides custom-made ‘fit for purpose’ solutions for any geo-related challenge, anywhere around the globe.

In every project, GEODATA strives to create mutual beneficial relationships with its customers and to transfer knowledge, which includes training and preparation of local personnel to assume full, independent control over future operations.

Geodata’s turnkey solutions are designed, developed and delivered in compliance with the specific demands, needs and budget of each customer and environment and to their entire satisfaction.

Optimize Administration

  • Decision -making
  • Effective managemment
  • Improve communication

Increase Revenues, Save Costs

  • Enhance tax efficiency
  • Stimulate economic growth
  • Maximize ROI
  •  Raise asset value
  •  Grow real-estate market
  •  Reveal new market opportunities

Change Lives

  • Boost local workforce
  • Bridge social gaps
  • Elevate quality of life
  • Energize communities

Geodata services

Ultrasmart management
including urban and rural cadaster

Property tenure Registration
and Legalization

National Geographical Infrastructure
– Geodesy, Photogrammetry & Cartograph

Infrastructure & Urban Management
– land-use, agriculture, electricity, water & wastewater, telecommunication, gas

Proporty Registration
Aerial and drone Survey- 7000 sqKm
Scanned documents
Parcels creation


  • Values-driven: mutual respect, solidarity, initiative, excellence, reliability
  • Outstanding precision
  • Qulity assurance
  • Reponsive to the needs of local communities & national priorities
  • Committed to cultural preservation and enrichment
  • Seek positive impact on people’s live

Our Team

Geodata’s professionals represent the best professionalism and technology have to offer. Our experts have proven track record and each has successfully completed several key projects.

GEODATA personnel are comprised of GIS & mapping experts, systems engineers, cartographers, land surveyors, project managers, application developers, legal consultants and more

GEODATA utilizes state-of-the-art technologies. Special agreements with software and hardware suppliers help us to customize standard products according to the client’s needs.

Selected Projects

Agreement with the Ministry of Justice of Angola for a national project of legalization and regularization of housing properties in the country

  • Legalization and regularization of housing in historic parcels (going back to 1975) confiscated by the state

  • Legalization and regularization of housing of new centralities

  • Collection, digitalization and organizations of legal documents from several public institutions

  • Establishment and implementation of a registration system

  • National program for training 900 public employees working in legal registration branches

Agreement with the Ministry of Justice of Angola for a national cadaster

  • Collection, digitalization and organizations of maps from several public institutions

  • Establishment of a cadaster system to lay the foundation for a national urban cadaster

  • National program for training the geographical institute employees

Development and implementation of The Second component of the national land registry project.

[This work focused on:

  • Address surveying and implementation of an address system

  • Establishment of a geographic information system (GIS)

  • Creation of property and owner files

  • Training

  • Establishment of a geomatics entity and technical assistance]

[Physical characterization and territorial addressing of the location, climate and geomorphology of the main natural resources, including water, geology, mining, energy sources, land use and local biomes. Location of landforms with scenic and tourist potential in the region, with possible seasonal variations.]

[Reconstruction plan of the roads of the city of Malanje, Malanje Province covering a length of approximately 45 km.

[Geodata conducted an in-depth conceptual study to ascertain the technical and economic viability of a project for the construction of a ring road around Malanje city. The study included diagnostic, preliminary survey and design or transportation and population statistics, surveys of drainage, hydrology, bridges and infrastructures, and other general ]engineering aspects. ]

[Geodata executed a land survey together with a local team of sociologists to manage a program to lot agricultural parcels for rural residents in 12 village of the province. Three small parcels were distributed per family for farming.]

[Geodata teams mapped the population profile of the neighbourhood of Futungo de Belas in Luanda. More than 12,000 families were visited to collect rich and vital information, which was then provided to the strategists of the master plan.]

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