About Us

Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mapping services and support for effective land management, asset supervision and cadaster.

Mitrelli Group

Mitrelli is a leading international Group of companies with over a decade of profound impact in Africa. We promote national-scale holistic, sustainable solutions to impact countries’ economic and social growth. We are recognized for partnering with African leadership, governments, local businesses, financial sector, and communities, for implementing transformative solutions to national initiatives that improve the quality of life and support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Driven by Values


We apply our expertise in
GIS & mapping systems, data
analysis and related disciplines
to understand and fulfill our
customers’ needs.


We create propreitary, state-of-the-art soiftware and technologies to provide ‘fit for purpose’ solutions for all geo-related challenges.

Quality & Curiosity

We never stop searching for new and better ways to provide geospatial solutions, always holding ourselves
to the highest standards.

Meet Our Team

Doron Ben Sira

Division General Manager

Daniela Pinto

Country Manager, Angola

João Paixão

Sales Manager
, Angola

Nir Kraft

Global Division Executive
Commercial Manager

Dr. Gal Avraham

PhD in Geography and
Environmental Studies

Rafi Aminov

GIS and Mapping

Benny Weiss

An All-Around
Cadaster Pro