Above and Beyond

Our 361-Degree Approach

That ‘extra degree’ is our way of saying that Geo Data goes above and beyond, by providing its customers with an unprecedented level of technological sophistication and services.

Mapping Data Integration Customer Management System Technology Legal Training Financing


Geo Data employs the world’s most advanced technologies, many of them developed in-house, to provide ultra-accurate, multi-layered mapping and scanning, accomplished faster and more cost-effectively.

Data Integration

Geo Data’s mapping and surveys are correlated with historical maps and documents, creating a range of highly useful and accessible integrated data-bases, with multiple layers of information relevant to land use, property ownership and utility infrastructures.

Customer Management System

The ultimate objective of every Geo Data project is to hand-over autonomous control to its customers. With this goal in mind, we’ve created a user-friendly, sharable user interface that interconnects all relevant authorities and enables them to customize system operation as required.


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Geo Data projects are designed for sustainability. Focused on the future of each project, we go far beyond delivering technology by delivering professional training and ongoing support for local personnel in our client countries as they learn to operate and assume full responsibility for the continued successful operation of the geospatial systems we provide.


With the solid backing and international reputation of Mitrelli Group, and its dedication to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Geo Data can offer its customers innovative financing options, including the support of international fiduciary institutions, NGOs and private investors.