Learning where things are and who owns what is essential for intelligent decision-making, accurate taxation and future development.

After studying your unique geographical attributes and ownership regulations and correlating them with historical maps and documents, Geo Data creates an effective real-time GIS database that customers can access through a user-friendly web-based portal.

These comprehensive geospatial solutions provide actionable insights for urban cadaster, property registration and infrastructure management, the keys to sustainable administration and planning.

The process is logical and straightforward:

Step One: Ultrasmart Mapping

The process begins with aerial and drone surveying, providing high-resolution images that are translated into orthophotos and photogrammetric and 3D photogrammetric mapping.

Step Two: Thematic Layers

The surveying and mapping process results in thematic layers for various aspects of land and property ownership.

Step Three: Data Integration

All the data obtained from current data and historical documents is integrated into a flexible web-based portal that enables easy access of any information required.

Step Four: Analytics

Geo Data’s proprietary software, customized to the client’s needs, analyzes the situation ‘on the ground’ and provides digital parcel boundaries.

Step Five: Insights and Action Items

Based on input from Geo Data’s data analysis, the system provides clear insights into the current situation and future needs, translated into concrete action items.

Step Six: Impact

Equipped with the insights provided by Geo Data, the customer is able to efficiently and cost-effectively regularize land and property ownership, resulting in increased tax revenues and an orderly registration process.