Our Solutions

Geo Data’s multidisciplinary team of GIS & mapping experts, systems engineers, cartographers, land surveyors, project managers, application developers and legal consultants use state-of-the-art technologies to provide customized, ‘fit for purpose’ solutions for all geo-related challenges — From data collection and integration through hand-over to the customer, including advanced training and knowledge-transfer for local staff.

Smart Land Management

Geo Data’s urban and rural cadaster systems, with coverage ranging from local to national, enable efficient, accurate land and property management and mass property valuation for taxation purposes.

Based on in-depth socioeconomic surveys, cadaster systems are key elements in the development and design of master plans, promoting the legalization and regularization of land and property ownership.

Property Tenure Registration and Legalization

The legalization and regularization of land rights and property ownership is a strategic goal for government.

Based on parcel boundaries determined by expert surveyors, Geo Data establishes cadastral systems that include accurate, parcel-based land information, aerial imagery, photogrammetric mapping, historical maps and addresses.

The cadaster system provides users with advanced editing and quality-control tools and the ability to share and distribute data via a web-based GIS system, providing important tools for decision-making and development.

Geographical Infrastructure

On the basis of precise aerial, drone and land-based surveying and mapping, along with geodetic networks and digitized historical documents, Geo Data creates an accurate, constantly updated picture of geographical infrastructure, providing local, regional and national authorities with advanced web-based applications for planning, controlling and managing their resources.

The Geo Data database can include an essentially limitless number of structures, roads and road names, images of building facades and points of interest, along with elevation models and natural resources.

This impressive bank of knowledge is used by government to devise coordinated plans for current and future development.

Natural Resource and Utilities Management

As nations, their populations and their economies grow, intelligent management and protection of their natural resources and utilities is crucial.

Geo Data’s advanced approach to GIS enables constant tracking and supervision of natural resources – water, forests, oil, gas and mines – as well as electricity and telecom utility infrastructures.

Looking into the future, the mapping and data analysis provided by Geo Data are essential elements in the planning and implementation of modern transportation and ‘smart city’ networks.